What you should know about carpet

Choosing a great carpet is an exciting time for any homeowner. The allure of this floor covering simply can’t be denied, offering a welcoming and warm environment for guests and residents alike. Whether you prefer something simple and easy to care for, or something dramatic and plush, you’ll find it all in this line. More than that, you’ll find old and new benefits that make this material a better fit for more homes. We all want a great floor covering, but we also want something that is durable and performs well. You might be surprised to find both in one amazing product.

At 76 Floors, we have the advantage of offering you an extensive line of products and amazing professional service in addition to plenty of ideas on how to bring your flooring dreams to reality. In fact, we already service the areas of Santa Clarita, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Canyon Country, New Hall, and Saugus. We invite you to our Santa Clarita, CA showroom so you can experience our service for yourself. We aim to create lifetime customers, repeat business, and valuable service you’ll want to experience for yourself.

Carpet basics for you

Choosing the best carpet for your home really depends on the requirements you have in a floor covering. We will get to know you, the levels of traffic in the rooms you need floored, as well as any specifics you’re looking for in flooring material. This will be a great place to start, as it is a determining factor for the characteristics you’re looking for.

You’ll start by choosing a fiber that best stands up to the traffic levels of your home. If you want to carpet your living room, for example, and have lots of activity in that room, you need a fiber that is durable. Crush resistance, stain resistance, and a good twist are all characteristics you’ll want to see in the flooring for this room. However, in a bedroom that sees very little traffic, you could easily choose something plusher and that needs a bit more care overall.

The next thing you’ll want to focus on is stain resistance. Since stains can happen anywhere, at any time, it’s important to be on guard in every room, just in case. The good news is, many brands now offer stain resistance built into the fibers of the carpet, offering constant and on-going protection against many different stains. What’s more, it can’t be washed or worn off, leaving you with floors that are protected for a longer time.

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